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We are always searching for exciting new music to work with,and
listening to your demos is an important part of that process. We do
try to listen to everything that is sent to us. If our interest is aroused by what we
hear, then we'll definitely get in touch.

1. Do not send us Sendspace, Megaupload, zippyshare, etc... links, will be deleted.

2. Never send us attached mp3 files.
3. Send only Soundcloud private links.
4. Send your demo only to us, not to everybody or another labels.
5. Have tons of plays in your soundcloud demo tracks is not good idea.
6. Include in your mail some info about you, facebook, beatport page, etc...

Thanks in Advance
Experimental Label Goup





The sound and style is Oldskool, Hardcore, Drum & Bass, Jungle

ExperimentalTech Records

ExperimentalBass Records

The sound and style is House,TechHouse,Tribal & Deep

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